Live Letter Automation App

I've decided to launch the Personal Edition of Live Letter! You may still purchase the commercial version HERE. The payment link in this top section takes you to the Personal Edition only.

When it comes to creating dispute letters for yourself or clients, are you spending 10+ mins per client or wasting $140+/month on credit repair software? 

What if I showed you it were possible to create an entire dispute letter in just a few seconds, even if you've sent some before that were verified? 

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Why's So Great About Live App?

There are so many reasons why Live Letter should be your go-to solution in your search for a credit repair app

One-time Payment

At the moment, Live Letter is a one-time payment. Say goodbye to the credit repair process eating even more of your hard-earned money

Totally Customizable

Want to change built-in options? Not a problem. Add letters? Not a problem. Change or add automations? Sure. It's called Live Letter because it's a living, breathing app that can be changed according to your custom needs

1:1 Support

If you have any questions, help is just a chat message away

Higher ROI

It takes me 10 seconds to create a dispute letter, which means the other 13 minutes and 50 seconds I would otherwise waste inside of another app or manual dispute is spent on things I care about (my kids!)

Check out how Live Letter makes your life easier!


Why should you get Live Letter?

Would you rather spend 5-15 mins per clienet per month, OR would you rather spend about 1 minute per client per month creating dispute letters? (*not including the time it takes to analyze for results and other regular monthly processing for your client)

Why should you process manually or with outdated credit repair software? Live Letter gives you the ability to add & save a client and their accounts, and create dispute letters in less time than doing it manually or with credit repair software. 

This tool was built on Google Sheets, which allows you to connect to countless other API's and tools for automation, as well as with 2500+ other apps via Zapier, Pabbly and more! Do MORE with your data today

If you don't know how to write a dispute letter or reason, that's fine! Use one of the built-in letters (80 in the main app, 3x that in the upgraded version available at checkout), and one of the built-in dispute reasons (270 in the main app, much more coming in the next version of the upgraded version available at checkout). Automate simply by choosing an account type, dispute round and version and BOOM! The account has been added!

Create a dispute letter in just a few click and print directly from your computer OR your mobile device!

Why should you pay $1,000's per year when you can pay a 1-time fee to access features not even available inside commercial credit repair software? Do your wallet a favor and switch today

If you've ever used Google Sheets, Excel or another spreadsheet app, then you already know how to use Live Letter! Live Letter comes with easy-to-follow tutorials, and I'm just 1 message away to answer your questions

When the app is upgraded, you'll receive a new link with instructions to move your data. It's SUPER simple!

Easily use the Google Sheets IOS or Android apps to use Live Letter on the go! Got a boring meeting to attend and want to catch up on work? Signing up a new client in person? Not a problem. Live Letter is here to handle that. 

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Live Letter FAQs

Got questions? Not a problem. Check out the FAQ's. 

If you still have questions, use the live chat located on this page. 

Are refunds allowed?

Due to the nature of the digital purchase, it's impossible for me to offer a refund because you already have permanent access. If you have a delivery or technical issue, please contact me using the chat on this page, or in the fb group

Are there upsells? 

Live Letter 100% works right out of the box and during this flash sale, there are no bumps or other offers

How do I get support?

Use the live chat on this page or ask a question inside the fb group and I will resolve your issue

What happens after I pay?

You will receive a few emails with the links to access PDFs with your access links. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM AND OTHER FOLDERS FOR DELIVERY EMAILS

What happens if I have an issue downloading the delivery PDF?

The easiest option is to copy the text on the page or take a screenshot, but otherwise just use the chat and I will help you

What if I would like you to build some custom options for me?

Just reach out using the chat or inside the fb group and I will be glad to help!